published works

“Pidgin: Reinventing the Fashion Doll”   (OFFSPRiiNG Magazine, 2013)

“Girls Don’t Drive” (Forthcoming, Literary Mama, November 2013)

“On Writing with Grace: Literary Reflections”: Literary Mama, 2013

“Don’t Get Drunk or You Could Get Raped”     Feministing, March, 2013

“It is Time: Do we Need Tougher Gun Laws?— Queens Mamas, November, 2012

“A Rockaway Medical Clinic in the Making”–Queens Mamas, November 2012

“The Stuff Legends are Made Of: Celebrating Winnie-the-Pooh”–Queens Mamas, January, 2013

2 Responses to published works

  1. Rebecca says:

    hello. loved you at Literary Mama. Beautiful brilliant piece. So I clicked on through to you here. Now I can read you here. Awesome literary-ness all around.

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